Stain removal guide for various household carpet stains

This is a carpet stain removal guide to help with common household stains such as tea, coffee, dog urine and black marks on the edges of carpet. I have been dealing with carpet stains for many years and I’m often asked to remove the most difficult types stains. Carpets can be a large financial investment it can be very disappointing to live with a nasty stain. Spillages can occur due to accidents often cause by many different reasons, but often due to children and pets.

Will all types of carpet stains come out if treated by a professional? Many types of stains can be removed without a problem. However some types of stains can be permanent due to the spillage having irreversibly changed the colour of the carpet. Dying of the carpet fibers can also occur due to tannin in tea and coffee or food colouring in food stuffs.

carpet stain removal guide

How to remove coffee and tea stains from carpet

One of the most problematic carpet stains is either tea or coffee spilled on the carpet. On wool carpets the stain can often be permanent due to the tannin permanently dying the carpet. On synthetic stain resistant carpets however, the stains can often be removed.

how to remove tea and coffee stains from carpet

How to remove black marks from carpet.

Black marks around the edges of carpet are a common problem. They can often be removed from synthetic carpets but are often permanent on wool carpets.

how to remove black marks from carpet

How to remove pet stains from carpet.

Pet stains are a very common problem that I often get asked to treat. More often than not these type of stain can be permanent due to dying the carpet. On some types of synthetic carpets however, these can often be removed.

how to remove pet stains from carpet

Stains coming back in carpet is a very common problem. If you have had a carpet spillage or accident and tried to clean it up but the stain keeps reappearing, this article will help explain why the stain keeps returning and what you may be able to do about it.

Why do stains come back on carpet