These are extraordinary times and as the situation with Coronavirus (Covid-19) develops, we all need to be thinking of ways to keep ourselves and our families safe.

What we are doing when visiting your home

coronavirus working in your home or premises

It is essential that we all stay safe in these trying times. It is the companies intention to carry out all effective measures to minimize the risk to everyone while dealing with customers and carrying out work in your home or place of work. We will follow any current government safety guidelines and notify all clients in advance of arrival. Before entering your home or premises we will carry out hand washing and wear personal protective equipment if necessary and maintain physical distancing.

There are situations where the risk is lower such as attending empty rental properties and visiting regular clients that have previously left us unattended by way of leaving a key with a neighbour, or in a safe place. However if you are at home, you can stay in a separate room while the work is being carried out.

If you show symptoms.

If you have booked work and then find you are showing symptoms before work is carried out, do not hesitate to get in touch to cancel or postpone the appointment, even if it’s on the same day. Do not worry and you will not be charged for any cancellation fees.

To minimize the risk we will observe the following.

  • Cancel or postpone the appointment if we show coronavirus symptoms, however mild.
  • Once the work is completed advise on which surfaces have been used or clean them before leaving.
  • Avoid working in the presence of vulnerable people or people who are isolating.
  • Wear protective personal equipment and carry out hand washing as necessary.